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Amazon is doing fine job managing COVID challenges


I’ve spent the last two years supplement­ing my income by working in a warehouse for Amazon. As a general rule, I describe the work as brutal and yet I continue to stay the course. A number of issues need to be recognized. Amazon is the leader and trend setter for wages in the industry. Benefits are equal or above competitor­s. Safety is in fact a paramount concern to leadership. Leadership at every organizati­onal level reflects the community from a diversity standpoint.

Amazon’s operationa­l approach to COVID-19 is a model that corporate America should embrace. While many organizati­ons mandate social distancing and wearing masks, Amazon monitors, encourages and sets routes aside to foster social distancing. The frequency of specialize­d cleaning and sterilizat­ion are daily and include air filtration units.

Amazon’s commitment to their employees includes assisting employees who test positive for COVID-19. I spoke with a co-worker who just returned after spending time in a hospital on a ventilator. Amazon made sure her family was taken care of and that she had the best care available. Amazon pays employees to get vaccinated and is now offering vaccinatio­ns for employees and family members over 18. Employees who have already been vaccinated are paid for doing so.

A dose of reality never hurts except to those who throw mud and consequent­ly lose ground. Amazon is a positive force in our community.

Richard Mike Faris, Thornton

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