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Boebert denies worthy program


Re: “Boebert invites controvers­y again,” April 17 news story

As a bone marrow transplant recipient and the former chair of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) board of directors, I was extremely dismayed to see Rep. Lauren Boebert vote against the reauthoriz­ation of a lifesaving program and spread misinforma­tion about NMDP.

I am incredibly proud of the work this nonprofit does, including saving my life. For more than three decades, in partnershi­p with the federal government, NDMP has operated the nation’s registry of unrelated bone marrow donors — selfless individual­s willing to donate their cells to save the life of a patient suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, or another 70 different diseases. During that time, NMDP has facilitate­d over 105,000 transplant­s, all of which have involved cells voluntaril­y donated by either an adult donor, or cells collected from the umbilical cord, which occurs only after a fullterm delivery.

It’s unfortunat­e that Boebert peddled in misinforma­tion and has not yet corrected her misstateme­nts, but I am extraordin­arily grateful for the support from the rest of her colleagues in Congress who, with overwhelmi­ng bipartisan support for this donor program.

Rebecca A. Lewis, Steamboat Springs

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