The Detroit News : 2019-02-11

ARTS & STYLE : 26 : 4D


The Detroit News | Monday, February 11, 2019 | 4D JANIC INTERNATIONAL WORD FIND NUMBERCRUNCHERNo.2 This is a puzzle titled with a theme. Find the listed words in the grid. They may run in any direction, but they always run in a straight line. Some letters may be used more then once when words intersect. Mark off each word as you find it, and when you have completed the list there will be a number of letters left spare. Arrange these to spell out a descriptive phrase related to the theme MORE OR LESS 2/11 KAKURO MORE OR LESS SOLUTION 2/11 In the completed puzzle, every row and every column will contain the digits 1 to 7. The greater than/less than signs show you which digit is greater: ie:3>2, or 1<7. CRACKING THE SAFE 2/11 FIVE by FIVE PREVIOUS SOLUTION How to play: Fill in the squares using any number from 1 to 9, without repeating any numbers in a run line (row or column blocked off by black boxes). The numbers in each horizontal run line must add up to the sum shown in the black box to its left (above the diagonal). The numbers in each vertical run line must add up to the sum shown in the black box at its top (below the diagonal). 2/11 2/11 PREVIOUS SOLUTION TRIVIA bITS In China, Nov. 11 has become known as Singles Day. (The date is written 11/11. One one one one — get it?) The idea may have originated with some university students who were tired of holidays celebrating couples and families and felt it was time the singletons got some love. In 2009, online retailer Alibaba started promoting Singles Day as a shopping opportunity, and it really took hold. Table for one? Why not?

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