June 14, 1775: U.S. Army founded; Congress au­tho­rized 20,000 men. June 14, 1777: Congress ap­proved res­o­lu­tion pro­vid­ing that the U.S. flag have 13 al­ter­nat­ing red and white stripes and 13 stars in a blue can­ton.

June 14, 1900: Hawaii was or­ga­nized as U.S. ter­ri­tory. June 14, 1967: Mariner 5, U.S. un­manned Venus probe, was launched. June 15, 1752: Ben­jamin Franklin flew kite to prove that light­ning is elec­tric­ity. June 15, 1836: Arkansas be­came the 25th state to join the Union.

June 16, 1976: U.S. Am­bas­sador Fran­cis E. Meloy Jr., aide Robert O. War­ing, and their Lebanese driver were kid­napped and killed in Beirut. June 17, 1775: In Bat­tle of Bunker Hill (ac­tu­ally Breed’s Hill) in Rev­o­lu­tion­ary War, Amer­i­cans lost bat­tle but in­flicted great­est ca­su­al­ties of the war on British forces. June 17, 1971: Ja­pan and U.S. signed Ok­i­nawa treaty, re­turn­ing the Ryukyu Is­lands to Ja­panese con­trol. June 20, 1782: Congress adopted de­sign for Great Seal of the United States. June 20, 1863: West Vir­ginia be­came the 35th state to join the Union.

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