West-side cam­paign strat­egy paid off for Ol­szewski Jr.

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In a county ex­ec­u­tive race fea­tur­ing two can­di­dates with roots in the east side of Bal­ti­more County, the win­ner was de­ter­mined by the county’s west side.

As ex­pected, Repub­li­can can­di­date Al Red­mer Jr. gar­nered more votes on the con­ser­va­tive east side over Demo­crat John Ol­szewski Jr. But Ol­szewski still man­aged a re­spectable show­ing among east side vot­ers, while dom­i­nat­ing on the west side.

In other words, Ol­szewski did bet­ter while fin­ish­ing sec­ond on the east side than Red­mer did in fin­ish­ing sec­ond on the west side.

That, and a big push by the Ol­szewski cam­paign to en­cour­age early vot­ers, pro­pelled the Spar­rows Point High grad­u­ate and former state del­e­gate to vic­tor y.

Ol­szewski won by nearly 51,000 votes (186,696 to 135,702), and half of that mar­gin came from early vot­ing, where he led Red­mer 63,739 to 37,955.

Ol­szewski’s cam­paign put a big em­pha­sis on get­ting peo­ple out to early vot­ing.

De­spite his lo­cal roots — life­long res­i­dent and a former teacher at Pat­ap­sco High School and Cen­ter for the Arts — Ol­szewski lost to Red­mer in Dun­dalk precincts, 14,977 to 10,404.

Red­mer beat Ol­szewski in the two largest vot­ing dis­tricts on the east side: the 12th and the 15th. Red­mer won the 15th district, 14,493 to 9,754, and the 12th district 6,144 to 4,159.

But Red­mer’s com­bined vote to­tal from those two dis­tricts (20,637) was nearly matched by one district on the west side of the county. Ol­szewski won the 2nd District by a 19,116 to

2,574 mar­gin.

Ol­szewski won the 1st Vot­ing District 13,155 to 5,913. His mar­gin of vic­tory in that district alone was greater than Red­mer’s mar­gin of vic­tory in the 12th and 15th dis­tricts com­bined (7,242 to 6,724).

Then toss in Ol­szewski’s 16,542-vote mar­gin of vic­tory in the 2nd District, and you can see why he cam­paigned heav­ily on the county’s west side lead­ing up to the elec­tion.

Among the precincts where Red­mer did well was in Ol­szewski’s na­tive Edge­mere. Red­mer won the Edge­mere Ele­men­tary precinct 1,065 to 427, and the Ch­e­sa­peake Ter­race precinct 1,025 to 289.

Red­mer also did well lo­cally at the Nor­wood Ele­men­tary precinct (672 to 348), Stricker Mid­dle School (790 to 388), Pat­ap­sco High (619 to 328), Grange Ele­men­tary (742 to 446) and Ch­e­sa­peake High (951 to 327).

Note, how­ever, Ol­szewski still gar­nered close to 300 or more votes in each of those precincts. In over half of the 2nd District precincts, Red­mer’s vote to­tals were in dou­ble-dig­its.

And Ol­szewski did win a few lo­cal precincts: the Flem­ing Cen­ter (308 to 15), East­point (224 to 222), Mid­dle River Mid­dle School (607 to 287), Deep Creek Mid­dle School (783 to 297) and San­dal­wood Ele­men­tary (795 to 140).

(Some of these precincts are in Es­sex and Mid­dle River. They are in­cluded among lo­cal to­tals be­cause

they are in the same leg­isla­tive and county coun­cil dis­tricts as Dun­dalk/Edge­mereS­par­rows Point.)

The two Edge­mere vot­ing precincts also flexed their mus­cles in the other lo­cal races.

For the House of Del­e­gates, the three Repub­li­can in­cum­bents were all boosted to vic­tory by large mar­gins at Edge­mere and Ch­e­sa­peake Ter­race: Robin Gram­mer (1,859 votes), Bob Long (1,893 votes) and Ric Met­z­gar (1,757 votes) eas­ily out­paced Nick D’Adamo (674), Me­gan Mio­duszewski (572) and Diane DeCarlo (526).

The in­cum­bents also en­joyed large mar­gins at Stricker Mid­dle School, Ch­e­sa­peake High and Bat­tle Grove Ele­men­tary.

In­cum­bent Repub­li­can State Sen. John Salling held off a chal­lenge from Demo­crat Buddy Staiger­wald with a con­sis­tent per­for­mance across the board. Salling won all but four precincts (Flem­ing Cen­ter, Mid­dle River Ele­men­tary, Deep Creek Mid­dle and San­dal­wood Ele­men­tary) by good mar­gins.

The county coun­cil race be­tween in­cum­bent Repub­li­can Todd Cran­dell and Demo­crat Brian Weir came down to the Edge­mere precincts, where Cran­dell had a 1,953 to 660 ad­van­tage, and Ch­e­sa­peake High (905 to 318), Bat­tle Grove (846 to 422) and Stricker (774 to 355).

Rod McMil­lion de­feated Wil­liam Feuer in the first race for elected mem­bers of the Bal­ti­more County School Board, but it was close.

McMil­lion won by a lit­tle over 2,500 votes, with the elec­tion day re­sults be­ing 9,841 to 8,034. The rest of his mar­gin came from early vot­ing and ab­sen­tee/pro­vi­sional bal­lots.

Feuer did well in the precincts that are in Dun­dalk, but not well enough to off­set McMil­lion’s ad­van­tage in the Es­sex precincts (McMil­lion was the long-time ath­letic di­rec­tor at Ch­e­sa­peake High).

In the race for the 2nd Con­gres­sional seat, which has usu­ally been a mere for­mal­ity for in­cum­bent Demo­crat C.A. Dutch Rup­pers­berger, the in­cum­bent won by nearly 50,000 votes.

He didn’t win Dun­dalk, how­ever, where Repub­li­can chal­lenger Liz Ma­tory edged Rup­pers­berger 12,558 to 11,753.

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