Law needs more teeth re­gard­ing those driv­ing with sus­pended or re­voked li­cense

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I am amazed at the num­ber of times I read ar­ti­cles about folks be­ing stopped for some vi­o­la­tion only to find they are charged with driv­ing on a sus­pended or re­voked li­cense. Sev­eral thoughts come to mind as I digest the grav­ity of the is­sues of peo­ple driv­ing cars and trucks, even though they have no valid li­cense.

First, it is ob­vi­ously not the first time they have been stopped. It is a rare oc­ca­sion that you lose your li­cense the first time you are pulled over and given a ticket, so mul­ti­ple tick­ets or vi­o­la­tions have oc­curred to be in that po­si­tion.

Sec­ond, I was un­der the im­pres­sion that most in­sur­ance com­pa­nies are no­ti­fied when one of their clients gets a ticket with points. Cer­tainly, you would think they would be no­ti­fied by the DMV that a per­son’s driv­ing priv­i­leges have been re­voked. So is it safe to as­sume these il­le­gal driv­ers are also not cov­ered by in­sur­ance?

Third, many times a bust for drugs or im­paired driv­ing due to al­co­hol is of­ten involved. The ar­rest­ing of­fi­cer has ei­ther de­tected ob­vi­ous im­pair­ment, smelled mar­i­juana re­cently burned or seen ob­vi­ous signs of other drug use that prompts a search of the ve­hi­cle and in­hab­i­tants. What is in­creas­ingly clear is these peo­ple have no re­gard for the law. They con­tinue to drive, of­ten un­der the in­flu­ence and jeop­ar­dize the safety and well-be­ing of in­no­cent peo­ple.

What if when some­one is caught driv­ing on a sus­pended li­cense, the po­lice then im­pound the car pend­ing com­plete pay­ment of all court costs and fees and costs of the tick­ets in­curred? By the way, the fi­nan­cial penalty for driv­ing on a sus­pended or re­voked li­cense should be ex­treme. If the driver is also busted for drugs or DWI/ DUI, then im­pound the car per­ma­nently, to be put up for auc­tion.

A slap on the hand is noth­ing if the of­fend­ers get the cars back as soon as the po­lice are gone. They are back in the car as if noth­ing had ever gone wrong. What would be the words said to some­one who may have lost a loved one be­cause of an­other driv­ing with­out a li­cense that may cause a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence as many of these cases in­di­cate?

It is time to make the con­se­quences costly and se­ri­ous for those who drive on sus­pended or re­voked li­censes. It might make an in­di­vid­ual think twice about let­ting some­one with a sus­pended or re­voked li­cense if they knew the cost of be­ing ap­pre­hended would mean the loss of the car, even for a pe­riod of time. It is time to put ac­tion and con­se­quences that carry weight ap­pro­pri­ate for the of­fense of driv­ing on a sus­pended or re­voked li­cense.

Russ Dob­son, Lexington Park

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