Preda­tors will get what they de­serve when ‘law of karma’ comes around

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I want to di­rect what I have to say about the prob­lem of sex­ual ha­rass­ment in our so­ci­ety pri­mar­ily to your male read­ers.

This is specif­i­cally di­rected to the mi­nor­ity of males out there who have ever sex­u­ally ha­rassed a woman, as well as those who have ever con­sid­ered sex­u­ally ha­rass­ing a woman.

I won’t preach to you be­cause it never works, and be­cause you have no con­science.

Let me put it to you di­rectly and clearly: There are more peo­ple who inhabit our planet who be­lieve in rein­car­na­tion than those who do not.

Many of them are Bud­dhists. Bud­dhists be­lieve in some­thing called “the law of karma.” A pop­u­lar def­i­ni­tion of it is that it says that “what goes around, comes around.”

An­other pop­u­lar def­i­ni­tion of it says that it means that “what you put out into the world, both good and bad, even­tu­ally comes back to you.”

The an­cient philoso­pher, Cicero, was known for defin­ing jus­tice as each per­son re­ceiv­ing and get­ting what is due to her or him.

I am here to tell you preda­tors and per­pe­tra­tors that, be it in this life­time or in a fu­ture life­time, you will get ex­actly what you so justly de­serve, have earned, and have due to you.

The vic­tims and sur­vivors will never have to do or say a thing. You will pay for how you have hurt them.

So, think long and hard about it be­fore you act on your evil in­ten­tions.

And one more thing: It is be­cause of you that the ma­jor­ity of us men are of­ten viewed with sus­pi­cion by women, when our mo­tives and in­ten­tions to­ward them are only good.

Women are not to be blamed for feel­ing this way — you are.

Ste­wart B. Ep­stein, Rochester, N.Y.

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