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Keel Drive project discussed at council


City council, after having dealt with resistance to the creation of Keel Drive and other constructi­on to the Sleepy Hollow area, had someone speak up for the Keel Drive project.

There has been plenty of debate the last few meetings about the project in Sleepy Hollow, with residents questionin­g what it will do to the environmen­t and what it will take away from the city. However, some people came for at least part of the project, with some concerns about the road expansion being brought up.

“The reason I’m here is that I was told that they’re trying to stop that road,” stated Barton Beck, who resides on Miami Erie Circle. He heard about the discussion­s on Keel Drive and wanted to get his thoughts out on it. “

I’ve lived there since 2013. When we built there, they said that was going to be built through.”

Beck talked mainly about how the area where he lives, especially in the Kroger area, can be a bit of a hassle since it can be hard to get in and out without there being serious confusion involved. While it isn’t a major problem most of the time, it can become one during certain times of the year.

“When you come in through that Kroger, there’s no sign there that says that there is no exit,” Beck said as being on problem with the area around there he feels like could be fixed with the Keel Drive expansion. “If you’re ever there at Christmas time or some nice holidays, and that’s packed up there, we’ve had a lot of people coming back there thinking that’s a way to get out, and it’s not.”

He’s also concerned about how emergency vehicles can have serious trouble getting back there due to these similar issues. Beck does want to see the constructi­on involving Keel Drive finished, if only for those reasons.

“I was always told that was going to be open,” said Beck. It was one of the main reasons he bought the property in the area and has been living there since. “I don’t see what the big thing is.”

He states that it’s a “very nice area back there” and that the city does need some housing, as well as receive more support involving

Keel Drive. He at the very least believes that the road should be opened up in the near future.

In other news, the council discussed several pieces of legislatio­n that reached their second and third readings for the the current meeting.

As of May 9, there were no new pieces of legislatio­n, but the council discussed Ordinance 2022-19 and Resolution 2022-12 for the second reading. The first deals with the yearly approval to edit and include certain ordinances for the city, while the latter deals with the creation of the position of temporary resident project representa­tive.

Both will receive their third and final reading at the next meeting.

Ordinance 2022-18, on the other hand, reached its third and final reading at the meeting, focusing on the subject of power cost adjustment­s for electric rates for the city. The ordinance was approved after minimal discussion and will be put into effect.

The council adjourned shortly after legislatio­n was discussed and will meet once again in two weeks. The Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on May 16 at 5:15 p.m.

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