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Château de Berne’s terroir is located nearly 25 miles from the Mediterran­ean Sea. It is situated on a plateau made of a chalky bed that formed in the lower and middle Jurassic ages, when the sea still occupied the region, leaving marine sediment deposits. The soils are predominat­ely limestone and clay, which o er an ideal balance of drainage. The region receives 3,000 hours of sunshine, 20-30 inches of rainfall and 50 windy days annually, which allows the grapes to achieve full phenolic ripeness and provides ventilatio­n which ensures a wonderful aromatic freshness.

The estate, one of the best renowned wine tourism destinatio­ns in Provence welcomes wine lovers to an exceptiona­l, luxurious setting: an elegant five-star Relais & Château hotel, a spa, two restaurant­s including the Michelin-starred Le Jardin de Benjamin, a cooking school and 1,235 acres of magnificen­t natural scenery dedicated to discoverin­g Provence.

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