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John Adams was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and still lives there with his beautiful wife and three children. A distant cousin of the more famous Adamses (through common ancestors), John has been fascinated by American History from a very young age. He founded The American History Guild, the parent company of the Liberty Cigar Company, after the tragic events of September 11th 2001.

While watching the events unfold half way around the world (He and Ellen were in the process of adopting a child from Vietnam), he realized that the very idea of America as well as its people was being assailed. In that horrifying and yet profound moment, as he prepared to bring his baby son home, he realized that in order for his children and to live in America, it had to live in them as well.

The American History Guild thus, was founded to rekindle and stoke the sacred fire of liberty so that it may burn brightly in the hearts of those now living and yet unborn.

Its vision is to draw upon our Republic’s illustriou­s past to enlighten and enliven the people of this great nation in order that they, in turn, will do the same.

“The projects we have embarked upon, including the Liberty Cigar Company, are myriad and varied but have one desired end: to re-acquaint our citizens with the miracle that was our country’s founding, and in the process, restore the seeds of liberty and civic virtue. Everything we do contains within it the grand hope that America will long endure.”

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