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In­stalling a surge pro­tec­tor guards against power surges and light­ning strikes.

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Pro­tect your garage door opener from power surges, plus, choos­ing a deck fin­ish.

Ev­ery garage door opener is vul­ner­a­ble to power surges and light­ning strikes. In fact, the wiring for the pho­to­elec­tric eyes and the wall but­tons can act like a light­ning rod, pulling en­ergy into the opener, dam­ag­ing the cir­cuit board and leav­ing your garage door opener dead.

A new cir­cuit board costs $60 or more. Adding a surge pro­tec­tor is a

DIY project that takes about 15 min­utes and greatly re­duces your risk of surge dam­age. The units cost about $20 each at home cen­ters, and you’ll need one for each opener. We in­stalled a Cham­ber­lain Garage Door Universal Surge Pro­tec­tor.

Un­plug the opener from the out­let. Then re­move the wall but­ton wires from the opener, not­ing their po­lar­ity. Con­nect those wires to the cor­rect ter­mi­nals on the surge pro­tec­tor ( Photo 1).

Next, re­move the pho­to­elec­tric eye wires from the opener and con­nect those to the surge pro­tec­tor, fol­low­ing the same pro­ce­dure. Fin­ish by strip­ping and con­nect­ing new wires (in­cluded with the surge pro­tec­tor) to the surge pro­tec­tor and cor­re­spond­ing ter­mi­nals on the opener ( Photo 2). Plug in the pro­tec­tor and the opener.

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