The Family Handyman - - GREAT GOOFS - JIM NAPERALA

When I was a young­ster, we lived in an apart­ment com­plex. One day af­ter work, my fa­ther was greeted with the news that the kitchen sink was full of stand­ing wa­ter. Af­ter study­ing the sit­u­a­tion, my fa­ther clev­erly re­versed the hose on the vac­uum so it blew in­stead of sucked and blasted the clog past the sink trap.

It wasn’t long be­fore there was a knock at the door. The nextdoor neigh­bor lady was there— cov­ered with soapy wa­ter and dis­gust­ing goo. She explained that she had been clean­ing veg­eta­bles in the kitchen sink when there was a sud­den, loud—and drench­ing!—erup­tion from her kitchen drain. She wanted to know if my fa­ther knew what could have caused this dis­as­ter. (Ap­par­ently the apart­ment units shared a drain line.) My fa­ther looked her right in her mucky face and said he had “no idea” what hap­pened. He en­joyed many years of retelling the story of how his bright idea had led to a bald-faced lie.

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