Socks that work


Afriend re­cently told me that there are two signs you’re get­ting older. One, you start notic­ing bird be­hav­ior. Two, a good pair of socks be­comes worth its weight in gold. I know he’s right about the sec­ond point be­cause I had just bought a dozen dif­fer­ent pairs of crew socks and tested which per­formed the best.

For starters, I wore them all a cou­ple times and elim­i­nated the ones that were too hot, didn’t stay up, were hard to put on or just didn’t feel good. Next, I ran­domly wore the re­main­ing six pairs to see which ones held up the best over sev­eral wash­ings and wear­ings. I didn’t keep a record of how many times I wore each one; I just tried to mix it up as best I could.

For­tu­nately, the pair that out­lasted all the oth­ers was also the most com­fort­able. The clear win­ner was Duluth Trad­ing Com­pany’s 7-Year

Per­for­mance Light­weight socks. Un­for­tu­nately, at about $18 a pair, they were among the most ex­pen­sive I tested. But they were still cheaper than gold, so I bought a bunch more at du­luth­trad­ Now if I can just get those pesky blue jays to stop chas­ing all my robins away.

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