Jack and sup­port a truck

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You can raise some two- and four-wheel-drive trucks by plac­ing the floor jack un­der the front and rear dif­fer­en­tials. How­ever, not all dif­fer­en­tials are de­signed for lift­ing, so con­sult your owner’s man­ual or shop man­ual for proper jack place­ment. Al­ways place jack stands di­rectly un­der the frame or axles after rais­ing the truck.

Front lift point Place the jack di­rectly un­der the truck’s front lift point. Truck frame 2. Place the jack stand di­rectly un­der the truck’s frame. 1.

Rear sup­port point Po­si­tion the jack sad­dle di­rectly un­der the rear dif­fer­en­tial. 3.

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