What’s Wrong?

We’ll show you the prob­lem—and the fix.

The Family Handyman - - CONTENTS - By Brad Holden

Plumb­ing cre­ativ­ity at its finest—short­cuts you don’t want to try at home.

Bath on the rocks

This might look like an ici­cle, but ac­tu­ally it’s min­eral de­posits that have cre­ated the sta­lac­tite you see. The faucet has been drip­ping for a very long time, leav­ing be­hind the min­eral buildup. Just imag­ine what’s go­ing on in­side the pipes!


This is why wa­ter soft­en­ers were in­vented. The resin bed in the soft­ener at­tracts and holds the min­er­als. When the soft­ener re­cy­cles, a salt bath re­moves the min­er­als and sends them down the drain.

5-gal­lon so­lu­tion

Yes, even bar sinks are cov­ered by the plumb­ing code. Hope­fully, this home­owner sees this as a short-term fix. It’s re­ally not per­mis­si­ble to sub­sti­tute a bucket for a code-com­pli­ant drain.

THE RIGHT WAY: Ev­ery sink should have a com­plete P-trap plumbed in be­tween the sink and the waste line to pre­vent sewer gas from find­ing its way into your liv­ing space.

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