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Still us­ing lock wash­ers? Get a grip—pick up some thread ad­he­sive in­stead. It’s been around a long time, but amaz­ingly, pro me­chan­ics are still the big­gest users. All DIYers tighten nuts and bolts, right? Thread ad­he­sives are bet­ter than any me­chan­i­cal lock­ing sys­tem for two rea­sons. First, the liq­uid plas­tic fills all the gaps be­tween the threads so the threads stay locked to­gether. And sec­ond, the plas­tic seals the me­tal against cor­ro­sion. There are many for­mu­las for all kinds of tasks, but the most com­mon are the red and blue Loc­tite thread ad­he­sives—red for per­ma­nent bolts and blue for re­mov­able ones. (Loc­tite is the dom­i­nant brand; Dev­con is an­other.) The red and blue types cost about $6 for a 6-ml tube.

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