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You’ll have to cut a few pipes: both tail­pieces, the waste arm and maybe the trap arm. A fine-tooth hack­saw works best.

When in doubt, mark and cut pipes a bit long. Bet­ter to cut twice than cut too short and make an ex­tra trip to the hard­ware store. Don’t for­get to insert tail­piece wash­ers ( Photo 1). Other joints re­quire cone wash­ers. The only joint with­out a washer is the ground joint at the trap. Con­nect every­thing loosely un­til the whole as­sem­bly is com­plete. Then tighten all the slip nuts. Hand-tighten the slip nuts. If any joints leak when you test the new as­sem­bly, tighten them slightly with slip-joint pli­ers.

Lastly, check for leaks. To see how, search for “fin­ish a plumb­ing job” at fam­i­ly­handy­

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