The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Life - From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Gra­ham This col­umn is based on the words and writ­ings of the late Rev. Billy Gra­ham.

Q: I went to a new church re­cently and heard a ser­mon about walk­ing in the Spirit of God, but the pas­tor never ex­plained what that means. Can you help me un­der­stand this? – S.W.

A: To walk means to place one foot in front of the other and to go for­ward one step at a time. If you stop do­ing this, you are no longer walk­ing. You are stand­ing still – or worse, go­ing back­wards. Walk­ing al­ways im­plies move­ment, progress and di­rec­tion.

Par­ents who take their child for a walk gen­er­ally want the child to stay close so that he or she does not stum­ble over rocks or slip. Par­ents should guide the child and teach him or her how to an­tic­i­pate prob­lems ahead. This is what God wants us to do – stay close to Him.

No won­der God com­manded that we walk with Him. Do­ing so means we are mov­ing for­ward in step with Him, con­fi­dent that the way He is lead­ing is best. Now many peo­ple ask God to walk with them as they sprint through life, never con­sult­ing Him in prayer or by read­ing the Bi­ble – God’s roadmap to life.

We of­ten do this be­cause we are weak. We for­get to look to our Guide. We stum­ble or get di­verted, or get weary and stop mov­ing for­ward. But that is one rea­son why the Spirit of God has been given to those who trust in Him. Gala­tians 5:16 could be para­phrased this way: “Walk by means of the Spirit.”

One of the high­est com­men­da­tions in the Bi­ble is found in th­ese words about Noah: “Noah was a just man, per­fect in his gen­er­a­tions. Noah walked with God” (Ge­n­e­sis 6:9). “As you there­fore have re­ceived Christ Je­sus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Colos­sians 2:6).

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