The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Life - From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Gra­ham This col­umn is based on the words and writ­ings of the late Rev. Billy Gra­ham.

Q: I am a wor­rier by na­ture. My grand­mother tells me that worry will make me old be­fore my time. She says faith in God re­places worry, so why are peo­ple so re­sis­tant to trust­ing God? – D.G.

A: We live in an era that many re­fer to as “the age of anx­i­ety.” Anx­i­ety is the nat­u­ral re­sult when our hopes are cen­tered on any­thing short of God and His will for us. When we make any­thing else our goal, frus­tra­tion and de­feat are in­evitable. Though we have less to worry about than pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions, we have more worry. Though we have it eas­ier than our fore­fa­thers, we have more un­easi­ness. Though we have less real cause for anx­i­ety than our pre­de­ces­sors, we are in­wardly more anx­ious.

Cal­loused hands were the badge of the pi­o­neer, but a fur­rowed brow is the in­signia of the present gen­er­a­tion. This brings about fric­tion and con­flict. God has never promised to re­move all of our trou­bles, prob­lems, and dif­fi­cul­ties. But God has promised, in the midst of trou­ble, a gen­uine peace, a sense of as­sur­ance and se­cu­rity for those who turn to Him by faith.

Many peo­ple are re­sis­tant to ex­chang­ing worry for faith be­cause they of­ten don’t truly be­lieve in God. He is the One who gives us faith to be­lieve and to trust Him if we will only sub­mit our wills to Him. Cor­rie ten Boom used to say, “Worry is a lot like a rock­ing chair. A lot of ef­fort goes into it but you don’t get very far.” The Bi­ble says, “Don’t worry about any­thing; in­stead, pray about ev­ery­thing” (Philip­pi­ans 4:6, NLT). Ask the Lord to help you keep your eyes cen­tered on Him rather than your­self and your wor­ries. Faith in Him will give you peace of mind.

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