Left will do any­thing they can to trash Trump

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Like Pres­i­dent Obama, is Pres­i­dent Trump charis­matic? No. Good speaker? No. Rude, crude? Jerk? Yes. Like­able? No. Is he in­ter­ested in pleas­ing ev­ery­one? No? Pop­u­lar­ity con­test? No.

How­ever, Obama said 2.0 will be the new GDP norm. It’s 4.2%. Is the stock mar­ket high­est it’s been in his­tory? Yes. Is Trump re­build­ing the mil­i­tary? Yes. Is he lev­el­ing the trade im­bal­ance? Yes. Is he rene­go­ti­at­ing NAFTA? Yes. Did Trump tell the NATO part­ners to start pay­ing their share or else? Yes. Is Trump talk­ing de­nu­cle­ariza­tion with North Korea? Yes. Did North Korea re­turn our MIA re­mains? Yes. Are South and North Korea talk­ing to each other? Yes. Did he move our Is­raeli em­bassy? Yes. Less peo­ple in poverty? Yes. Is un­em­ploy­ment the low­est it’s been since 1969? Yes. Is African Amer­i­can un­em­ploy­ment the low­est in his­tory? Yes.

Is Trump a politi­cian? No. Busi­ness­man? Yes. Di­rect, and to the point? Yes. Doesn’t care what peo­ple think. His in­ter­est is Amer­ica. Does the left know this? Yes. Do they like it? No. They hate him and will do any­thing to knock him out of the White House be­cause he’s ac­com­plished more for this coun­try in less than two years than Obama did in eight.

– Den­nis Snif­fin, Fresno

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