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With a good many of us try­ing to eat healthy these days, we’d all like to know more about what goes into our foods – and hence our bod­ies.

So foods heavy on fats, sug­ars, carbs, sodium, corn syrup, gluten, par­tially hy­dro­genated oils and GMOs raise red flags for the la­bel-read­ing set, and for good rea­son.

Food, to put it suc­cinctly, is fuel and if we put garbage in, then what comes out won’t be great. And we’ll be over­weight, sick and tired as a re­sult, as the re­cent epi­demic of obe­sity and di­a­betes proves.

But there are re­li­able sources for good food info out there, par­tic­u­larly on YouTube, which of­fers up a li­brary’s worth of doc­u­men­taries and pro­grams to ed­u­cate you on what you con­sume. Be­cause life is too short to eat crap.

“Nu­tri­tion 101 With Dr. Mike”:

In this 30-minute video, Dr. Michael VanDer­schelden ex­plains the ba­sics of a proper diet, start­ing by de­bunk­ing the myth of the “Food Guide Pyra­mid” in­tro­duced by the USDA in 1992 and re­plac­ing it with a diet rich in fruits, veg­eta­bles and lean pro­teins. Lots of good com­mon-sense ad­vice here.

“The Sur­pris­ingly Dra­matic Role of Nu­tri­tion in Men­tal Health”: Yes, what you eat af­fects not only your body but your mind, and in this TED talk, clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist Dr. Ju­lia Ruck­lidge goes through a range of sci­en­tific re­search, in­clud­ing her own, show­ing the crit­i­cal role diet plays in men­tal health.

“Pro­cessed Food Doc­u­men­tary: Pro­cessed Food vs. Nutri­tional Needs”: Be­ware of pro­cessed foods, is the mes­sage of this halfhour film, in which Dr. Maya Adam out­lines how our in­creased re­liance on con­ve­nience foods com­bined with de­creased phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity has led to the rise in child­hood obe­sity and obe­sity in gen­eral.

“Or­ganic Food: Hope or Hype?”: From Ger­man broad­caster Deutsche Welle comes this 2018 doc­u­men­tary that ques­tions or­ganic foods, whether they re­ally do carry health ben­e­fits, if there re­ally are fewer pes­ti­cides in them and whether there is any way for con­sumers to de­ter­mine if they are in­deed or­ganic.

“Food on the Brain”: It’s no se­cret that junk food is bad for our bod­ies but in this doc­u­men­tary from the BBC, host Stephen Nolan trav­els the U.S. to learn about the in­ner work­ings of our brains and how a junk food diet can af­fect it.

“Su­per Size Me”: Mor­gan Spur­lock’s 2004 doc­u­men­tary, in which he lived on a McDon­ald’s-only diet for a month, still stands as a cau­tion­ary tale of the per­ils of fast food.

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