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The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - On Tv - BY GEORGE DICKIE

You had a lot of screen time with your costar Ricky Whittle in Sea­son 1. How would you de­scribe your work­ing re­la­tion­ship with him?

Well, we work very well to­gether. I think we work well to­gether. We’re not so much to­gether in Se­ries 2, which is good be­cause you’ve got to get to know the other char­ac­ters, be­cause he’s got to in­ter­min­gle with peo­ple. I think it’s episode six, our re­la­tion­ship sort of turns and we do an episode to­gether. It’s quite ex­cit­ing and it’s sort of a throw­back to the ‘30s and to present day. Yeah, I think we’ve done some great stuff this year. Look­ing for­ward to peo­ple watch­ing.

How did you like work­ing with Cloris Leach­man on “Gods”?

You know, it’s like Cloris is a force of na­ture . ... And when the direc­tor said, “Now, Cloris ...,” I said, “You think you’re go­ing to di­rect Cloris? I sug­gest you just let us talk and do our thing.” I said, “Es­pe­cially, I’ll let Cloris do her thing.” Be­cause Cloris looked at the direc­tor like “What the f...? What, is he go­ing to tell me some­thing to do?” ... So it was a de­light to have her back again . ... She’s an iconic per­son to have in the show and play­ing Zo­rya Vech­er­naya. She’s great. And we had a lit­tle spark to­gether, I was told.

You have a num­ber of projects com­ing out over the next few months, in­clud­ing a “Dead­wood” movie, a “Hell­boy” re­boot and a “John Wick” se­quel. Which had to make for a very busy sched­ule for you, no?

Yeah, I was flat out from like last March un­til De­cem­ber. I’d done “Hell­boy” the end of the year be­fore but no, we did the projects “John Wick” and then (“Amer­i­can Gods”) and then ‘Dead­wood.“It’s lovely. It was busy. It was good, though.

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