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The 15-year-old stu­dent, whose iden­tity is pro­tected by the district due to his age, was one of four stu­dents in­ter­viewed dur­ing the in­ves­ti­ga­tion. He said he was sit­ting by the snack bar wait­ing for Su­per Snack, a free af­ter­school meal pro­vided by the district, when he saw Slatic and Asadoo­rian walk by. He told the in­ves­ti­ga­tor that he didn’t know who ei­ther adult was.

“The two adults were talk­ing to each other and [redacted] heard one of them say, ‘Let’s go over here.’ [Redacted] said he was jok­ing and try­ing to be funny when he said, ‘Yeah.” The woman then turned to him and said, ‘Ex­cuse me? What?’” the re­port says. “[Redacted] said ‘Noth­ing.’ The woman then asked him what he was do­ing or who he was wait­ing for, or some­thing to that ef­fect. [Redacted replied by say­ing, ‘None of your damn busi­ness.’”

The boy told the in­ves­ti­ga­tor he tried to walk away when the adults ap­proached him, but when Slatic kept fol­low­ing him, he told the adult, “Leave me (ex­ple­tive) alone.”

“He said the man got mad and grabbed the backpack [redacted] was wear­ing. [Redacted] tried push­ing the man away, but he was big and ‘did not go any­where,’” the re­port says. The stu­dent then squared off with Slatic think­ing that he was go­ing to have to fight him, but did not want to be­cause the adult was much big­ger.

“Af­ter they squared off, [redacted] said he told the man, ‘I’m go­ing to beat your ass and shoot you.’ [Redacted] said he did not have a weapon and was not re­ally in­tend­ing to shoot the man, but he was scared,” the re­port says.

The re­port says that the stu­dent said Slatic told him, “All right, let’s go. You sure you want to go?” be­fore Asadoo­rian stepped for­ward and said no, mean­ing that she did not want them to fight. The stu­dent says af­ter he ran away, he didn’t tell anybody about the in­ci­dent over the week­end and that he “kind of for­got about it.”

The stu­dent said he wasn’t in­jured and that he wasn’t sure if there were any wit­nesses, but there may have been some­one in the snack bar at the time.

“He laughed and said, ‘I think I saw her in there, but I smoke too much weed,’” the re­port quotes the boy as say­ing.

At­tor­ney Roger Bon­akdar, who rep­re­sents the teen, said Fri­day evening that he hadn’t had a chance to re­view the re­port with his client yet, in­clud­ing the mi­nor’s state­ments to the in­ves­ti­ga­tor.

“I think the re­port shows that Slatic was the ag­gres­sor, and that’s out of the bag now,” Bon­akdar said.

Bon­akdar said the district erred in hav­ing the mi­nor stu­dent sit with an in­ves­ti­ga­tor and a cam­pus re­source of­fi­cer with­out his guardians’ prior knowl­edge or con­sent. He does not know yet if the stu­dent’s fam­ily will pur­sue le­gal ac­tion.

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