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The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - On Tv - BY GE­ORGE DICKIE

I think tone-wise we’ve light­ened up a lit­tle bit. We’re tak­ing some more chances just by the fact that, you know, we’re able to. We’ve made quite a few episodes now that were just for us. They’re a lit­tle bit whacky, a lit­tle bit out­side of the canon. But I think, also, as a char­ac­ter over time mine started out fairly but­toned down, re­served, per­haps, judg­men­tal, whether it be be­cause of sci­ence or religion, and a lot of those lay­ers have slowly been peeled off, and you’ve got a char­ac­ter that’s prob­a­bly a lit­tle more em­pa­thetic and has had to adapt to his sur­round­ings. So, as he is some­what the eyes of the au­di­ence he is kind of the au­di­ence’s ve­hi­cle. He has to grow and evolve, and prob­a­bly lighten up a lit­tle bit.

How dif­fi­cult is it to bal­ance that light­ness with the grim­ness of some of the crimes?

That’s been a tough bal­ance to strike from the be­gin­ning. Cer­tainly the books that the se­ries is based on were a lit­tle more stark and do­ing things in that era, we’ve seen a lot of pho­tos of ac­tual crimes that we ref­er­enced from the pe­riod. It was very tough. Life was tough back then, and it’s kind of un­com­fort­able to see a lot of that – the pet­ti­coats, the mud. You know, it was a bit more grue­some. So try­ing to keep the tone light, I think, is what has been our recipe for suc­cess, be­cause peo­ple can tune in and we don’t get too far down into the dark­ness. We don’t get mired down too much, al­though, I think, ev­ery once in a while, seeing a spike stick­ing out of some­body’s head is en­ter­tain­ing.

When a show goes as long as this one has, can you look back at ear­lier sea­sons and rec­og­nize a tonal dif­fer­ence?

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