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The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Soap Synopes - BY GE­ORGE DICKIE

What’s ahead for your char­ac­ter of Shetland Is­lands De­tec­tive In­spec­tor Jimmy Perez in Sea­son 5 of “Shetland”? The main theme is ... ba­si­cally peo­ple traf­fick­ing in mod­ern slav­ery. David Kane, our writer, found a story about a small house in a pic­turesque place in the High­lands of Scot­land that was be­ing used as a safe house for traf­fick­ers. And I think we all talked about how preva­lent it is and how com­mon it is and how wide­spread it is. And so that’s (the sub­ject of) the in­ves­ti­ga­tion of this year’s se­ries. Peo­ple al­ways talk about how the ex­te­ri­ors of their shows are char­ac­ters in their own right, but the strik­ing landscapes of the Shetland Is­lands here re­ally are. Do you agree? Yeah. The land­scape is a kind of coun­ter­point, re­ally, to what’s go­ing on in the story be­cause you’ve got some very harsh things go­ing on within the in­ves­ti­ga­tions, set against some­where that’s re­ally very beau­ti­ful but some­times is very harsh it­self. You know, it’s either a coun­ter­point or it’s some­thing that goes along­side the story. The land­scape is very much a char­ac­ter, I sup­pose, but not re­ally deliberate­ly. And I think that’s some­thing that peo­ple like to watch the show for, but we don’t re­ally use it as part of our story deliberate­ly.

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