Food knowl­edge and laughs are boun­ti­ful on Net­flix’s ‘The Chef Show’

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Af­ter col­lab­o­rat­ing on the 2014 fea­ture film “Chef,” ac­tor/di­rec­tor Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi knew they wanted to work to­gether again. They just didn’t know on what.

Restau­rants, pop-ups, writ­ing a book – all of that was bandied about but noth­ing hit the mark. But the two pals knew they had chem­istry to­gether and wanted to do some­thing with it. And from that, “The Chef Show” was born.

The half-hour se­ries that’s cur­rently stream­ing on Net­flix finds the two men in dif­fer­ent places around the coun­try, vib­ing off each other as they ex­per­i­ment with recipes for ev­ery­thing from a vegetarian pep­per pot and grilled cheese sandwiches to a smoked brisket and kim­chi. As they go to lo­ca­tions in Los An­ge­les, Texas and At­lanta, among oth­ers, they in­vite guest stars in­clud­ing Gwyneth Pal­trow, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hol­land and co­me­dian Bill Burr to join them in the kitchen to cook, eat, learn and laugh – just like a bunch of friends hang­ing out.

“I think both of us just want peo­ple to feel good and smile,” Choi ex­plains. “... Some­times for me, the best mo­ments in life are when you’re sit­ting with some­one you re­ally care about and you don’t have to say any­thing and those mo­ments can just be there where they’re not forced. And I want this show to feel like that ... like it’s enough that you can just watch it for 30 min­utes or so and just feel good and learn some­thing and smile and laugh and just feel like we’re on the couch to­gether. And then hope­fully, maybe even get up and go cook.”

That feel-good vibe was ev­i­dent in the open­ing episode, in which Choi and Favreau dis­cuss the finer points of mak­ing a grilled cheese sand­wich with Burr. The food knowl­edge is plen­ti­ful and both Favreau and Burr clearly have kitchen skills but the jok­ing among the three men is what makes the seg­ment.

“That was fun, man,” Choi says with a laugh. “Bill spent the whole day with us and just had us crack­ing up the whole time. And it’s great when I see Jon around other co­me­di­ans be­cause I know Jon is a very mul­ti­fac­eted artist . ... I love see­ing him around other co­me­di­ans be­cause co­me­di­ans are so quick so it’s like he gets right into that mode ... and it was like eight hours of that s..., man, and it was crazy. My face hurt af­ter film­ing that one.”

And along­side two stand-up comics, Choi man­aged to hold his own.

“Be­cause I have the cam­era and apron,” he says. “The apron is like my ar­mor in the kitchen; I have the kitchen and the apron and so once I’m in that mode, I’m fine. It’s like be­ing a DJ at a party. If you took that away from me, I’m like the most awk­ward dude at a party. But when I put the apron on and I’m in con­trol, I can hold my own with any­body.”

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