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The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Soap Synopses - BY GE­ORGE DICKIE

So Jon’s ex­tro­verted na­ture coun­ter­bal­ances your own in­ex­pe­ri­ence in front of the cam­era.

Yeah, it re­ally coun­ter­bal­ances. I mean, it re­ally al­lowed me to not worry about hav­ing to come up with like hy­per­bolic phrases and do things in front of the cam­era to try to be in­ter­est­ing or funny or what­ever. It was like Jon re­ally cre­ated an en­vi­ron­ment where I could be my­self and Jon knew ex­actly how ... to keep the pace go­ing, how to throw me ques­tions that kept me alive in front of the cam­era.

And you just wor­ried about ex­plain­ing the nuts and bolts.

Yeah, and that’s re­ally the show. It’s a lit­tle bit of im­prov. It’s the roots of im­prov. It was Jon re­ally lead­ing me ... be­cause for me again, at the time we were film­ing I wasn’t a pro in front of the cam­era. So when you’re not trained in front of a cam­era ... you have a ten­dency to kind of trail off in your sen­tences, you get quiet, you look down, you be­come in­tro­verted, you talk a lit­tle softer . ... Some­times you don’t ex­ert yourself in the ways the cam­era picks up. And I learned all that by be­ing with Jon on the spot.

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