Wil­liam Shat­ner and His­tory at­tempt to ex­plain ‘The UnX­plained’

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Wil­liam Shat­ner is in­trigued.

He wants to know how grav­ity works, whether there is life af­ter death or even how it is some­one can suf­fer a blow to the head in a car ac­ci­dent and awaken a vir­tu­oso-level con­cert pi­anist, not hav­ing had any prior train­ing.

These are things that bedevil him, which is why he’s the host of “The UnX­plained.”

Air­ing Fri­days on His­tory, the hour­long an­thol­ogy se­ries ex­plores these and other sub­jects that have stumped mankind for cen­turies, be it mys­te­ri­ous struc­tures, cursed an­cient cities, ex­trater­res­trial sight­ings and bizarre rit­u­als. Sci­en­tists, his­to­ri­ans, en­gi­neers, re­searchers and other ex­perts of­fer up their opin­ions and pos­si­ble ex­pla­na­tions.

“All these mys­te­ri­ous things that defy ex­pla­na­tion,” Shat­ner says, “and yet peo­ple ed­u­cated in sci­ence or peo­ple ed­u­cated in faith or peo­ple un­e­d­u­cated but they know what they see or feel and it’s all mys­te­ri­ous. We’re liv­ing in a mys­tery.”

“What you have to also ap­pre­ci­ate,” he con­tin­ues, “not only do they not have the same an­swer but they might not be see­ing the same thing be­cause we’re all fil­ter­ing the same in­for­ma­tion through our dif­fer­ent fil­ters . ... So we’re look­ing at the same thing, the same cir­cum­stances but we don’t know what it is be­cause I don’t know what you’re think­ing.” This week’s episode, ti­tled “Strange Crea­tures,” con­sid­ers the pos­si­ble ex­is­tence of be­ings such as the Chu­pacabra, the Mongolian Death Worm and the Moth­man, which have been sighted myr­iad times but still go un­rec­og­nized by main­stream sci­en­tists.

“Every so of­ten peo­ple see the same strangeloo­k­ing en­tity,” Shat­ner says, “the Moth­man and the Goat­man. The Moth­man thing is re­ally strange. The town has seen this en­tity (and) they don’t have any ex­pla­na­tion for it.”

Wil­liam Shat­ner

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