The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Soap synopses - BY GE­ORGE DICKIE

Flo begged for Hope’s for­give­ness, know­ing she didn’t de­serve it. Wy­att apol­o­gized to Liam for his in­volve­ment with Flo. Ridge an­nounced that Reese was fi­nally in cus­tody. Thomas ducked Ridge’s calls. Ridge was con­cerned when Sanchez showed up to ques­tion Thomas about Emma’s death. Brooke be­lieved that Thomas was in­volved in much more than Ridge knew. Thomas flew into a rage when Hope de­liv­ered bad news. Brooke, Hope, Ridge and Liam won­dered where Thomas was hid­ing while Hope con­sid­ered his aban­don­ing of Dou­glas un­con­scionable. Thomas ma­nip­u­lated Dou­glas into think­ing that he let Liam take Hope away from him. Ridge learned that Dou­glas told Thomas where Hope is and he and Brooke raced to get there be­fore Thomas.

Eric Mart­solf as Brady Black on “Days of Our Lives” week­days on NBC.

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