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Play­ing a griev­ing mother try­ing to ruin the life of her child’s pre­sumed killer had to be a dark head space to be in. How was it get­ting into that?

The process isn’t much dif­fer­ent to do­ing any­thing else, drama-wise or com­edy-wise. I didn’t have to work harder or any­thing. I don’t know how to ex­plain it. The prepa­ra­tion is the same as I al­ways do and what­ever is hap­pen­ing in scenes, fun or in­tensely grim, the same ef­fort is re­quired and you can be drained at the end of the day but not every day was en­tirely drain­ing.

You filmed in Glas­gow, which is also where you live, which had to be very con­ve­nient.

Yeah, it was nice. The big thing is it means on my days off I’m not trav­el­ing back home to see my fam­ily. You know, on my days off, they felt like days off. I could just sort of re­lax and learn my lines for the week.

You didn’t have to do an ac­cent for this. You’re known for do­ing ac­cents, so which is the most dif­fi­cult to do?

One that I’ve never done be­fore (laughs). I don’t know. They’re all a bit of work. You know, you put the hours in . ... It’s about tongue place­ment, mostly.

Other ac­tors have said that go­ing through a char­ac­ter’s strug­gle as an ac­tor has made them stronger as a per­son. Did you feel that way with Anna?

No. I didn’t. I feel like with every job, it’s an ex­pe­ri­ence that sort of makes me a bet­ter ac­tress. This job cer­tainly stretched me in ways . ... Like go­ing to the gym.

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