The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - On Tap - BY JAY BOBBIN

How hard was it to de­velop and place “Tam­ron Hall” in an al­ready ac­tive day­time-talk land­scape?

Talk is not like the new “it” bag or the new “it” color. Talk never goes out of style. To be quite hon­est with you – and this may sound very Kobe Bryant cocky-ish of me – be­cause it was the nat­u­ral love that we have of day­time talk in its tra­di­tional space. I have this book called “The Path of Least Re­sis­tance,” and it was truth­fully the path of least re­sis­tance. It was harder to con­ceive a child than (do­ing) this.

Which talk shows have you mod­eled your new ven­ture on?

Lis­ten, I am a stu­dent of Mike Dou­glas. When I walked into Dis­ney and showed them my dream clips, it was when John (Len­non) and Yoko (Ono) co-hosted “The Mike Dou­glas Show.” It was (Muham­mad) Ali on with Sly Stone, and they’re ar­gu­ing with this con­gress­man over some of the same things we talk about to­day ... and then the next thing you know, they break out into fun.

For me, it was that tra­di­tional en­ergy of talk that we now as­so­ciate with so many other names, from Phil Donahue to Oprah to Rolonda Watts, who was on for four sea­sons. She left day­time talk; it didn’t leave her. We were hav­ing lunch and ran into Ricki Lake. It’s Jenny (Jones). I lived in Chicago, the home of talk – so for me, it was just a nat­u­ral, lay­ered ex­pe­ri­ence in cre­at­ing this and what we saw as the open­ing.

What’s your over­all ap­proach to “Tam­ron Hall”?

We have a say­ing in the South, “Fair ex­change, no rob­bery.” If you’re going to come into our home, we want to have a fair ex­change rather than you come out (and say), “Hey, here’s my prod­uct, and let me move on.”

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