Guns are in the fab­ric of Amer­ica

The Fresno Bee (Sunday) - - Opinion -

In re­sponse to “No buy­back pro­gram or con­fis­ca­tion cam­paign will get rid of all as­sault style ri­fles,” I par­tially agree. Im­ple­ment­ing a buy back pro­gram will only hurt law-abid­ing cit­i­zens since we'll be the ones hand­ing in our guns while crim­i­nals, who don't fol­low the law, will still pos­sess their guns.

In this coun­try, we have more firearms than we do peo­ple, so it's only log­i­cal that guns aren't just go­ing to dis­ap­pear in an in­stant. How­ever, to play devil's ad­vo­cate, politi­cians should make their vo­cal talk­ing points about ban­ning hand­guns and not the “scary” look­ing as­sault ri­fles, con­sid­er­ing that hand­guns are the pri­mary cause of gun deaths each year.

How­ever, I don't find it plau­si­ble to ban all guns or a cer­tain gun type at most. Guns have been a part of this na­tion's his­tory for far too long for them to go any­where.

– Ry­lan Or­nelas, Clo­vis

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