Why the col­umn on the wealth tax?

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I was cu­ri­ous as to why some­one would take the time to write an opin­ion piece about the hor­rors of a pos­si­ble wealth tax for the su­per-rich which The Bee printed Sept. 9, un­til I did some re­search and found the au­thor cer­tainly had an agenda since he is a se­nior pol­icy re­search ed­i­tor for a “think tank” cre­ated and funded by the Koch broth­ers.

I sup­pose it’s fine for the “Lib­eral Bee” to run a pro­pa­ganda piece for the su­per-rich, but at least the au­thor should get cor­rect what few facts he used to ar­gue his po­si­tion: “The wealthy also pay high rates on the in­come they earn from in­vest­ing their wealth” was just one glar­ing in­ac­cu­racy I no­ticed, since the last I checked long-term cap­i­tal gains were taxed at 15%.

It’s easy to ex­plain why the Koch broth­ers would be against a wealth tax, and even eas­ier to see why the au­thor took the time to cre­ate such a bi­ased opin­ion piece, since the Koch broth­ers in essence sign his pay­check. I’m just cu­ri­ous why The Bee would, out of the blue, print such a du­bi­ous thing.

– Steve Sch­male, Fresno

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