Ha­zle­ton Area Gar­den Club lists flower show win­ners

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The Ha­zle­ton Area Gar­den Club, a mem­ber of the Na­tional Gar­den Club Inc., the Cen­tral At­lantic Re­gion of State Gar­den Clubs Inc., the Gar­den Club Fed­er­a­tion of Penn­syl­va­nia Inc., District II/III, held a stan­dard flower show, ti­tled “Win­ter Cel­e­bra­tions,” at Good Shep­herd Church hall, Drums.

En­tries in­cluded flo­ral de­signs, hor­ti­cul­ture spec­i­mens, hor­ti­cul­ture dis­plays, botan­i­cal artis­tic crafts, ed­u­ca­tional ex­hibits and pho­tog­ra­phy.

Pete and Mindy Nar­done of Nar­done Pho­tog­ra­phy judged the pho­tog­ra­phy en­tries.

Gail Blasko is club pres­i­dent, Chris Leskosky chaired the show and Ann Sch­nei­der was co-chair­woman.

The show re­ceived a Stag­ing Award for earn­ing a score of 95 or above. Chair­ing the stag­ing com­mit­tee were Chris­tine Gresh, John Pren­der­gast and Su­san Rit­sko.

In ac­cor­dance with Na­tional Gar­den Club Inc. guide­lines, 12 NGC judges judged the show.

Na­tional Gar­den CluB InC. Top AwArds were pre­sented As fol­lows:

AwArd of De­sign Ex­Cel­lenCe — Chris Leskosky. De­signer’s ChoiCe AwArd — StephAnie Wil­liAms. TA­Ble Artistry FunC­tionAl AwArd — Su­sAn Rit­sko. TA­Ble Artistry Ex­hi­Bi­tion AwArd — Chris Leskosky.

Petite AwArd — MAry Kon­sCh­nik.

The Ed­u­CA­tionAl AwArd — ChAd SChwArtz. BotAn­i­CAl Artis­tiC CrAfts AwArd — Su­sAn Rit­sko. The AwArd of Hor­ti­Cul­ture Ex­Cel­lenCe — NAnCy Fulk.

Grower’s ChoiCe AwArd — KAthy MAurer And JAnet SCh­nei­der.

The ArBoreAl AwArd — ThelmA Gliem. Col­leC­tor’s Show­CAse AwArd — NAnCy Fulk. The Penn­syl­vA­niA GAr­den CluB Fed­er­A­tion Top AwArds were pre­sented As fol­lows:

The Ed­u­CA­tionAl And/or Con­ser­vA­tion Sil­ver AwArd — GAil BlAsko And StephAnie Wil­liAms.

The Flower Show Com­mit­tee AwArds were pre­sented As fol­lows:

Sweep­stAkes AwArd (most Blue riBBons eArned in de­sign) — Chris Leskosky.

Sweep­stAkes AwArd (most Blue riBBons eArned in hor­ti­Cul­ture) — ThelmA Gliem.

HA­zle­ton AreA GAr­den CluB Merit AwArd, Pho­tog­rA­phy — John Pren­der­gAst.

De­sign AwArds went to:

Il­lu­minAry De­sign, “A Gl­itzy Cel­e­BrA­tion” — first plACe, Chris Leskosky; se­Cond, John Pren­der­gAst; third, LAurA HACkney; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Tri­este BlAsko.

CAs­CAde De­sign, “HAppy VAlen­tine’s DAy” — first, LAurA HACkney; se­Cond, Chris­tine Gresh; third, GAil BlAsko; hon­or­ABle men­tion, BAr­BArA Grosso.

Amer­i­CAn TrA­di­tionAl De­sign, “Golden HAr­vest” — first, StephAnie Wil­liAms; se­Cond, Chris Leskosky; third, JoyCe Senger; hon­or­ABle men­tion, BAr­BArA Grosso.

FunC­tionAl TA­Ble, “An Old FAsh­ion ThAnks­giv­ing” — first, TheresA EvAns; se­Cond, Tri­este BlAsko; third, Su­sAn Rit­sko; hon­or­ABle men­tion, JoAn Brug­ger.

FunC­tionAl TA­Ble, “The Kid’s TA­Ble” — first, Tri­este BlAsko; se­Cond, Su­sAn Rit­sko; third, JoAn Brug­ger; hon­or­ABle men­tion, JoyCe Senger.

TA­Ble for One, “Just for SAntA” — first, Su­sAn Rit­sko; se­Cond, TheresA EvAns; third, SAndy Vis­in­tAiner; hon­or­ABle men­tion, He­lene HvizdA.

Ex­hi­Bi­tion TA­Ble, “New YeAr’s Eve” — first, Cyn­thiA LAy­ton; se­Cond, BAr­BArA CAmp­Bell; third, Chris­tine Gresh; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Ann SCh­nei­der.

Ex­hi­Bi­tion TA­Ble, “Be Mine” — first, Chris Leskosky; se­Cond, SAn­drA Shoffner; third, KAthy MAurer; hon­or­ABle men­tion, NAnCy Fulk.

Ex­hi­Bi­tion TA­Ble, “SnowflAkes And BAuBles” — first, Chris Leskosky; se­Cond, TonyA Young; third, GAil BlAsko; hon­or­ABle men­tion, RAndy LAy­ton.

Petite De­sign 5 inChes, “HAppy FAll Y’All” — first, BAr­BArA Grosso; se­Cond, Chris­tine Gresh; third, MAry BuliAno; hon­or­ABle men­tion, JoyCe Senger.

Petite De­sign 5 inChes, “Blue Christ­mAs” — first, MAry Kon­sCh­nik; se­Cond, Chris Leskosky; third, Eileen Re­setAr; hon­or­ABle men­tion, GAil BlAsko.

Petite De­sign 8 inChes, “Ring in the New YeAr” — first, Chris Leskosky; se­Cond, Ann SCh­nei­der; third, CArol Hill; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Judy TomAino.

Ed­u­CA­tionAl Ex­hiBits AwArds:

“FAll Mi­grA­tion,” mi­grA­tion of Birds through­out Penn­syl­vA­niA — first, ChAd SChwArtz.

“Penn­syl­vA­niA Ever­greens,” An ex­hiBit show­CAs­ing dif­fer­ent vA­ri­eties of Penn­syl­vA­niA Ever­greens — first, GAil BlAsko And StephAnie Wil­liAms.

BotAn­i­CAl Artis­tiC CrAfts AwArds:

Dried plAnt mA­te­riAl on A hAng­ing or­nA­ment, “Em­Bel­lished BAuBles” — first, Su­sAn Rit­sko; se­Cond, MAry BuliAno; third, TheresA EvAns; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Eileen Re­setAr.

Pressed dried flow­ers/fo­liAge on A greet­ing CArd, “Think­ing of You” — first, LAurA HACkney; se­Cond, CArol Hill; third, Chris­tine Gresh; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Eileen Re­setAr.

DeC­o­rAted Box, “Sur­prise” — first, John Pren­der­gAst; se­Cond, Eileen Re­setAr; third, CArol Hill; hon­or­ABle men­tion, BAr­BArA Grosso. Pho­tog­rA­phy AwArds:

Pho­tos re­lAt­ing to hor­ti­Cul­ture, gAr­den­ing or other oB­jeC­tives of the NA­tionAl GAr­den CluB — first, John Pren­der­gAst; se­Cond, Tri­este BlAsko; third, StephAnie Wil­liAms; hon­or­ABle men­tion, RAndy LAy­ton And LAurA HACkney. Hor­ti­Cul­ture AwArds:

Con­tAiner Grown Flow­er­ing PlAnts — first, Christ­mAs CAC­tus, JAnet SCh­nei­der; first, Christ­mAs CAC­tus, He­lene HvizdA; plACe, An­thurium, Ann SCh­nei­der.

Se­Cond plACe, red An­thurium, John Pren­der­gAst; se­Cond, Christ­mAs CAC­tus, SAn­drA Shoffner; se­Cond, BromeliAd, NAnCy Mensinger; se­Cond; Christ­mAs CAC­tus, GAil BlAsko; se­Cond, AgAve, He­lene HivzdA. He­lene HvizdA.

Con­tAiner-grown fo­liAge plAnts:

First, Bos­ton Fern, Eileen Re­setAr; first, CAC­tus, Eileen Re­setAr; first, Ivy, Ann SCh­nei­der; first, JAde, John Pren­der­gAst; first, JAde, SAn­drA Shoffne; first, OxAlis wine, JoyCe Senger; first, SAn­se­vierA, Chris­tine Gresh; first, SAn­se­vierA, John Pren­der­gAst; first, EChev­er­riA, TonyA Young; first, MiniA­ture Coleus, KAthy MAurer; first, SCh­ef­flerA, SAn­drA Shoffner; first, PrAyer PlAnt, JoyCe Senger.

Se­Cond plACe, OxAlis green, JoyCe Senger; se­Cond, SAn­se­vierA, Tri­este BlAsko; se­Cond, HA­wor­thiA, Tri­este BlAsko; se­Cond, StAghorn Fern, NAnCy Mensinger; se­Cond, Crown of Thorns, He­lene HvizdA; se­Cond, PrAyer PlAnt, Chris­tine Gresh; se­Cond, Philo­den­dron Hed­erACeum, Su­sAn Rit­sko.

Third plACe, Philo­den­dron Moon­light, Su­sAn Rit­sko; third, SCh­ef­flerA, Tri­este BlAsko; third, JAde, NAnCy Mensinger; third, ruB­Ber plAnt, John Pren­der­gAst.

BroAdleAf Ever­greens: first, Buxus, DAve Vis­in­tAiner; first, Euony­mus, ThelmA Gliem; first, Ilex, LAurA HACkney; first, LevCothoe, SAndy Vis­in­tAiner.

Se­Cond plACe, Pieris jAponiCA; se­Cond, Ilex, Cyn­thiA LAy­ton.

Third plACe Ilex, Colleen HAuCk. NAr­rowleAf Ever­greens:

First plACe, Ce­drus, Cyn­thiA LAy­ton; first, Ju­nipe­rus, D.J. Vis­in­tAiner; first, ThujA ArBorvitAe, ThelmA Gliem; first, PiCeA pun­gens, ThelmA Gliem.

Se­Cond plACe, Hi­noki Cy­press, SAndy Vis­in­tAiner.

Third plACe, JA­pAnese SpruCe, Cyn­thiA LAy­ton. Ber­ried or fruited BrAnChes:

First plACe, Ilex ver­tiCil­lAtA (Win­terBerry), SAndy Vis­in­tAiner; se­Cond, RosA, SAndy Vis­in­tAiner; third, KoreAn Dog­wood, SAndy Vis­in­tAiner.


First plACe, PArs­ley, LAurA HACkney; first, ChrysAn­the­mums, white, KAthy MAurer; first, ChrysAn­the­mums, yel­low, KAthy MAurer.

Dis­plAys, A min­i­mum of five dif­fer­ent speC­i­mens ex­hiB­ited in in­di­vid­uAl Con­tAin­ers, or the Ap­peAr­AnCe of Be­ing in­di­viduAlly ex­hiB­ited.

CACti or SuCCu­lents (Con­tAiner grown plAnts) — first, NAnCy Fulk; se­Cond, NAnCy Mensinger; third, Jimmy Mensinger; hon­or­ABle men­tion, Eileen Re­setAr.

Ever­greens (Cut) — first, Cyn­thiA LAy­ton; se­Cond, GAil BlAsko.

Ex­hi­bi­tion Ta­ble, “New Year’s Eve” by Cindy Lay­ton.

Tra­di­tional Mass De­sign, “Golden Har­vest,” by Stephanie Wil­liams.

“Show Stag­ing” by Chris Gresh, Su­san Rit­sko and John Pren­der­gast.

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