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“By employing a character-driven, cinema-vérité approach, our aim was to use distinct storylines of our characters as a microcosm through which we all can view the emotional and societal impact of the pandemic,” says filmmaker Matthew Heineman of his visceral up-close and urgent look at the confusing, confoundin­g early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York’s overburden­ed hospitals. “It was jarring to witness what was going on in the hospital day in and day out, only to hear about people denying COVID, calling it a hoax, refusing to wear masks, and now refusing to get vaccinated. I feel like it was my job to put people in the shoes of those who lived it on the front lines and to create a historical document of this time. In a sense, it’s really a film about how people came together in the face of this devastatin­g crisis.”

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