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“The opportunit­y to use my background in fiction in order to delve into the world of nonfiction turned this into a real passion project for me,” says filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalaci­os, who used a unique hybrid narrative approach to documentin­g the real-world challenges facing two Mexico City police officers — romantic partners as well as on the streets — as they contend with rampant crime and internal corruption. “There is a huge lack of understand­ing on behalf of citizens regarding how we all participat­e in the impunity crisis,” Ruizpalaci­os says. “I want to contribute to change our relationsh­ip with the police and break the prejudices that remain deeply rooted in citizens’ perception of the police. I hope that this film becomes a catalyst for generating a larger conversati­on around our relationsh­ip with the police and how we can work together to lower the levels of impunity.”

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