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Corinne van der Borch and Tone Grottjord-Glenne direct this coming-of-age story about three sisters — Tai, Rainn and Brooke Sheppard — who were propelled into the spotlight after being chosen as the 2016 Sports Illustrate­d Kids of the Year. The film follows the young women, all incredible track-and-field athletes, as they prepare for the Junior Olympics after moving out of a homeless shelter with their single mother.



In 1999, legendary climber Alex Lowe was lost in a deadly avalanche in a Tibetan mountain. Lowe’s best friend and mountainee­r Conrad Anker survived — and when he married Lowe’s widow, Anker helped raise Lowe’s three sons. Torn looks at the Lowe-Anker family in the aftermath of Lowe’s failed expedition using home videos and never-before-released footage.

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