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It is a com­mon prac­tice to con­duct drug screen­ing not only among em­ploy­ees but also be­fore hir­ing them. It is wise of you to come up with this so­lu­tion be­fore things get out of hand. Af­ter all, you will be held re­spon­si­ble in case of an in­ci­dent of un­ruly be­hav­ior at the work­place. But be­fore you con­duct any such tests, it will be bet­ter if you at­tain proper in­for­ma­tion about it by your pathol­o­gist. Ask him about the kind of tests that can be done and plan things ac­cord­ingly. You must also be aware about the type of drugs that you want to get screened. This is mainly be­cause the trace of each drug varies in dif­fer­ent forms. Cer­tain drugs stay longer in one’s urine than in the blood and vice versa. The pathol­o­gist will be able to guide you about what is the ideal test for a work­place.

I would sug­gest that an al­co­hol test will be point­less as its traces are vis­i­ble in one’s urine for up to 80 hours. When you con­duct such a test, your em­ployee can eas­ily claim that he had some wine with din­ner that’s why the traces. Also, cer­tain com­pa­nies al­low con­sump­tion of beer dur­ing lunch. But there are a num­ber of drugs which leave a

last­ing ef­fect on a per­son’s senses for hours at an end. At such the time, the ex­cuse of its con­sump­tion a night back does not work. You must make it clear that drug con­sump­tion is un­ac­cept­able on work­ing days even af­ter work­ing hours. Along with this, its con­sump­tion is il­le­gal in a ma­jor­ity of states.

It will be ad­vis­able to con­duct any such tests to­wards the end of the week be­fore you close for the week­end. This is be­cause on an av­er­age, drugs are vis­i­ble in the urine as well as blood for three to four days. If you do it sooner, the per­son will claim that he at­tended a rave party on the week­end and jus­tify his ac­tions. In states where mar­i­juana and hash are le­gal, you can’t ob­ject if re­sults show its con­sump­tion. At such a time, you can mess with the minds of your em­ploy­ees. Come up with a rule ac­cord­ing to which if re­sults show drug con­sump­tion three times, then the per­son will be fired with im­me­di­ate ef­fect. By do­ing so, you will not need to an­nounce the re­sults and will in­still fear about ran­dom drug screen­ing among em­ploy­ees. And ma­jor­ity of times it works. Also make it clear to your em­ploy­ees that if they are suf­fer­ing from a hangover of any kind, it is bet­ter to stay at home in­stead of risk­ing their job.

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