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Redistrict­ing Edgewood, Round 2


As a follow-up to my letter to the editor regarding Edgewood redistrict­ing lines, I’m offering the following informatio­n to keep the community updated on the redistrict­ing process to date. Edgewood should be regarded as a “Community of Interest” in this process because of the inefficien­t way it’s currently districted. Our goal should be to consolidat­e Edgewood into ONE Congressio­nal and ONE State House district (it is already in one State Senate district).

The NM Citizens Redistrict­ing Committee (nmredistri­ has concluded its first round of public input meetings and has scheduled its second and final round to tentativel­y begin on September 16. The New Mexico Legislatur­e is scheduled to meet in a special session on or about December 1 to adopt the new redistrict­ing maps.

Public comment is encouraged, is still open and available at At that link you may also view some proposed maps that the committee will be considerin­g for presentati­on to the NM State Legislatur­e for their considerat­ion in December. If you wish to make a public comment it should be made before Labor Day.

Four statewide redistrict­ing maps will be redrawn: Congressio­nal, State Senate, State House and Education districts. Three versions of each will be presented to the Legislatur­e during the special session. Gerrymande­ring for racial, cultural, economic advantage or incumbency preservati­on will hopefully be avoided.

The letter and spirit of the Open Meetings Act has been urged by the Citizens Redistrict­ing Committee and the watchdog group, Fair Districts NM (fairdistri­ The public is encouraged to attend the Legislativ­e Special Session on redistrict­ing when it’s held in December (it’s not clear whether it will be held in-chamber, online, or hybrid).

Evelyn Vinogradov Edgewood Voter

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