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Who's running for local office

- By Leota Harriman

Candidates Filing Day was early this week, and towns around the Estancia Valley and East Mountains had a host of candidates come forward to run for office.

Passage of the Local Elections Act in 2018 moved “small” elections like those for municipali­ties, school boards, and soil and water conservati­on districts to the first Tuesday in November, instead of sprinkled through the year as in times past. The legislatio­n is intended to increase voter turnout by holding an election every year in November—with those in odd years for these races.

In Edgewood, voters elected to change the format of the town government from the mayor-council to commission-manager; as a result all five positions on the ballot are open, some with shorter terms so that the terms end up staggered.

Most of the current and embattled governing body have elected not to run again, with the exception of Audrey Jaramillo, who is running for Position 3, unopposed. The Position 1 seat is being sought by Ralph Hill and Kenneth Brennan; Position 2 is being sought by

Jerry Powers, also unopposed; Position 4 is being sought by Filandro Anaya and John Bassett; and Position 5 is being sought by Sterling Donner, also unopposed.

Edgewood's residents will also elect a municipal judge. Incumbent William White is seeking another term, unopposed.

The issue has not yet been resolved as to whether Edgewood voters will elect commission­ers at large, meaning anyone in town can vote for any commission­er, or by district, meaning voters only choose from those candidates in the district in which they live.

In Moriarty, two incumbents, Robert Ortiz and Steve Anaya, are seeking another term, along with Wilson Myrick. All three are seeking at-large seats on the city council; two positions are open. The city's former chief of police, Bobby Garcia, is running for municipal judge, unopposed.

The town of Estancia has several candidates for office. Nathan Dial is seeking another term as mayor, running unopposed. Stella Chavez, J. Morrow Hall, Noah Sedillo and Martin Lucero are all running for positions at large on the town board of trustees; three positions are available. Stella Chavez is unopposed in Position 1. Bruce Dile is also running unopposed, for municipal judge.

In Tijeras, Matt Armenta, Jonathan Ortiz and former mayor Gloria Chavez are running for two available seats on the village council.

In Mountainai­r, incumbent Peter Nieto and Ernesto Lopez, Jr. are running for mayor.

Juanita Carrillo, Jose “Richard” Torres, Dustin Kayser and Jeremy Oliver are running for two open town council seats. Marion Riley is running unopposed for municipal judge.

In Willard, longtime mayor Bobby Chavez is running unopposed for another term. Gloria Valdez, incumbent Lorine Mendez, Roberta Chavez and Steven Redondo, Jr. are all seeking seats on the village council; two council positions are open.

In the Moriarty-edgewood School District, two open positions are being sought by candidates Becky King Spindle and Linda Hudson.

In the Estancia Municipal School District, three positions are unopposed, with candidates Randol Riley, Lee Widner and Marshall Palmer unopposed for Positions 1, 4 and 5, respective­ly. Three candidates are running for Position 2: Elaine Darnell, Patricia Gallegos and Kelsey Collins.

In the Mountainai­r Public School District, Dustin Kayser and Mary Gustin are running unopposed for two open seats, in Positions 3 and 5, respective­ly.

In addition, votes will be cast Nov. 2 on members of the boards of the Ciudad Soil & Water Conservati­on District, along with the Edgewood, East Torrance and Claunch-pinto soil & water conservati­on districts. Elections are also being held for rural electric cooperativ­es, including CNMEC.

Prospectiv­e candidates still have until 5 p.m. on Aug. 31 to declare as a write-in candidate. Contact your county clerk or the Secretary of State for details.

 ??  ?? The David Fisher Pro Invite and Freedom Series Round 9 competitio­n was held at Moriarty MX last weekend. Photo by Sara Werth.
The David Fisher Pro Invite and Freedom Series Round 9 competitio­n was held at Moriarty MX last weekend. Photo by Sara Werth.

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