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No quorum, no meeting—no money?

- By Leota Harriman

The latest Edgewood town council meeting wasn't held due to lack of a quorum, and could cost the town funding from the Legislatur­e.

In a livestream lasting just under 4 minutes Wednesday, Mayor Pro Tem John Abrams and Councilor Linda Holle were in attendance, but fellow councilors Audrey Jaramillo and Sherry Abraham were not, meaning the meeting could not be held.

Town clerk Juan Torres said he got an email from Jaramillo at 4:53 p.m. on the day of the meeting; Edgewood's meetings typically start at 6:30 p.m.

In that email, Jaramillo says there was a death in Abraham's family. “Because of this, I have requested to reschedule the meeting OR at most, address the public hearing so we have the entire governing body in attendance for these issues to be fully addressed at another time,” Jaramillo wrote.

“I have yet to actually hear from Councilor Abraham,” Torres said. “I'm sending my condolence­s to her and her family, I hope everything's all right.”

Torres said that Abrams was driving to the meeting when the email was sent. He also said that Jaramillo had talked to the deputy clerk.

“We're now rescheduli­ng Fat Pipe for a third time,” Torres said. The company, which moved into the old SASS building on Cowboy Way, is seeking economic developmen­t funding to bring fiber optic internet to the building, which would require boring under the freeway, he said.

The town is required to advertise two weeks ahead of a public hearing, meaning this will be heard Oct. 13, Torres said.

The missed meeting also means that the town missed its deadline for submitting its Infrastruc­ture Capital Improvemen­t Plan to the state.

Asked if this would impact Edgewood's ability to get legislativ­e funding, Torres answered, “Yes and no,” explaining that according to training from the state, the missed deadline means no capital outlay. “But we've had things before, where a senator or representa­tive will just say, “here's this money for you” but it wasn't on our ICIP. What I've been taught by DFA … is if you don't have a resolution in and submitted by the deadline, you won't be considered for capital outlay this year.

Jaramillo’s email ends by saying, “It was not very long ago that we all supported moving a meeting for the Mayor Pro Tem's wife's birthday event. I am hoping everyone can give the same respect to Councilor Abraham in her time of grieving and family loss.”

Abrams said Thursday that the event was his son's wedding, and that he gave the town council a month's advance notice when requesting the change.

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