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Founding Fathers had it right: It's not 'my way or no way'


My voting history has been largely independen­t. I have voted for Republican as well as Democratic candidates based on who I believed was the better candidate. I registered as a Democrat when Trump became the Republican candidate for president so I could help choose the Democratic nominee, as I would not vote for Trump.

Trump wanted to make America great again. Hitler wanted to make Germany great again. We all know where that led. Trump scared me, still does.

I would still consider Republican candidates; however, I will not vote for Republican candidates who do not publicly renounce the “big lie.” It is not enough for me that a Republican candidate remains silent.

It is sad that some Americans do not trust their government, especially since “we the people” are the government. The Preamble to the U.S. Constituti­on states “We the people in order to form a more perfect union… ”. Our founding fathers were realistic. They did not expect perfection, hence their choice of the wording “more perfect.” I think we have forgotten this. It is not “my way or no way.” We need to strive for compromise­s that benefit most Americans while minimizing harm to the few.

Ronald A. Siegel, Edgewood

Torrance County resident

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