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Edgewood may miss state funding


The Sept. 8 council meeting was adjourned due to lack of quorum to hold the meeting. Councilor Audrey Jaramillo sent an email at 4:53 p.m. requesting canceling of Town Council meeting due to Councilor Sherry Abraham having a death in the family. Mayor Pro Tem John Abrams did not get the email because he was driving home from work at that time. Councilor Jaramillo should have come to the meeting and requested that they only take action on Fat Pipe and ICIP (Infrastruc­ture Capital Improvemen­t Plan) due to Councilor Abraham’s absence. Instead, she decided to not show up to the meeting, with no notice.

One can only assume that the reason Councilor Jaramillo did not show was because Councilor Abraham would not be there and she would lose Abraham’s second vote, which is necessary for her to tie up or vote down any matters not of her liking. Perhaps some of the meeting minutes which have languished on agenda after agenda for months might have been approved.

There is a tragedy that comes from Jaramillo’s decision to be a no show: The town will miss the deadline to submit its annual request for legislativ­e infrastruc­ture funding from the state. This in a year when the state has money, unlike last year, when the town applied for funding, but little was available.

Five items were listed, but three were critical. The Church Street project has been scheduled now for over three years. Church Street is in dire need of paving, the wash boarding on that road feels like it will shake your car apart. Something must be done to improve Church Street. The town currently has $1,254,922 for the project, but still needs $650K, which they were seeking from the legislatur­e.

Also listed on the ICIP were Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades of $750K, Pedestrian Bridge Project $310K (the town has most of the federal funding needed to install this bridge, but needs some additional state contributi­on), BLM (Echo Ridge) Improvemen­ts of $240K. Other projects that could have been added to the ICIP were playground equipment at soccer field, another grass field/park, or more roads paved. This is the year to get state funding.

Another important item on the agenda was to approve Fat Pipe’s Rural Broadband Project; PPA Agreement with funding from LEDA, Local Economic Developmen­t Act Ordinance. Fat Pipe was requesting $26,318 from LEDA, but the town must give its approval for the project. They are now left hanging until sometime in October.

This is a disastrous situation for our town! Councilor Jaramillo, what is your solution to this disastrous outcome? You are quick to point fingers at others, but when are you going to take some responsibi­lity for your actions?

Having the 2-2 vote was more important to Audrey Jaramillo than showing up and doing the public’s business. After listening to her castigate other members of the governing body for their supposed failings the only word that properly explains her actions last night is hypocrite!

Cheryl Huppertz


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