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When does anyone have the right not to wear a mask?


There appears to be confusion about mask mandates as infringeme­nt of individual rights. When does anyone have the right not to wear a mask, when that risks the health and safety of others? We all have the right to feel safe and secure in public as well as at home.

Parents want to protect and preserve their rights to choose what is best for their children and families. However, if this means their children not wearing masks at school, the consequenc­es could be serious. It is like sending your children to school with guns and ammo to play Russian roulette with their classmates. Some children might come home unscathed, but some might not be so lucky.

If you are opposed to mask mandates in school, please homeschool your children or have them remote learn. That way everyone remains safe.

We may have individual rights and freedoms, but we also have responsibi­lities to our communitie­s, state, nation, and world.

Ronald A. Siegel

Torrance County

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