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The Civil Air Patrol Route 66 Composite Squadron earns achievemen­t

- By Roger Lenard, Lt. Col. CAP Squadron Commander

The New Mexico Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Route 66 Composite Squadron, which meets on Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the Estancia Valley Classical Academy in Edgewood, was awarded the Quality Cadet Unit Award on August 31.

Only two squadrons in New Mexico received the award. There are five categories in which cadets and senior members must achieve to receive this award. This includes cadets who completed General Emergency Services, senior members who completed Training Leaders of Cadets courses, and enabling new cadets to achieve their first promotion within 56 days.

Civil Air Patrol is a voluntary organizati­on which focuses primarily on Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services, such as Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief.

Cadets can join as young as 12 years old and can remain cadets until the age of 21. Individual­s 18 years old or older can become senior members. There are numerous events and training courses, training exercises and missions that members can participat­e in.

CAP is a Congressio­nally chartered, federally supported corporatio­n comprised of likeminded individual­s interested in aviation and public service. Civil Air Patrol is an official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.

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