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New Ag teacher joining Moriarty FFA

- By Chloe Parnell Moriarty FFA Reporter

As the start off the new school year, The Moriarty-edgewood School District has Kade Pittman teaching alongside Mr. Andes in the Moriarty FFA Chapter. Mr. Pittman is a 24-year-old graduate of New Mexico State University, with a degree in Agricultur­e and extension education as of December, 2020.

He worked at Moriarty Middle School as a science teacher during the spring semester of 2021 before joining the Moriarty Agricultur­e and FFA Team.

Mr. Pittman has big plans for the Moriarty FFA team and farm. He is teaching the Intro to Ag and Animal Science classes. Mr. Pittman has plans to restore the Ag farm so that students can put animals back on the farm, and restore it to its old glory. Mr. Pittman has been working with Mr. Andes to get more students and alumni involved in the program. Also Mr. Pittman and Mr. Andes have been working together to get more funding for the farm and the class to give their students more opportunit­ies than they have had in the past.

Let's give Mr.pittman a big welcome! If you are interested in meeting Mr. Pittman or joining the Moriarty FFA chapter, come to the September meeting!

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