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Sup­pose if by some­what else comes into a room left for a day creamy and er­ratic as by such bonds as will af­ter­ward be seen and with oth­ers

No sud­den hinge al­low­able this time Horses and men strain over land un­taxed from the sev­en­teenth cen­tury and will in other guises ap­pear too The more ro­bust he wanted it to be and she too in ap­pear­ing dim

There­fore this so­cial les­son came un­done It was all just as he had once imag­ined They were there and oth­ers too All given signs spelt out These were cham­bers too, un­like

the sail at the other Parcels too come un­opened The bazaar and all its treats des­tined now to go slowly down where an af­ter-im­age ex­hales why other sto­ries are now told in the telling and come new at him

was al­ways chang­ing be­yond flaws, and po­lar bears good-na­tured now, and lovely ac­cess granted from un­der­neath al­lowed to bring peo­ple in. One of the prin­ci­pals he is trav­el­ing with took me to in­ter­view with him.

It’s been so long . . . so cold, and this what he wanted to learn. Buck­ling hy­drangeas the au­thor just had a prob­lem and this is what he wanted to learn: the rules’ hu­mid ac­cess

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