My Mother as the Voice of Kahlo

The Iowa Review - - CONTENTS - Anali­cia Sotelo

I am four­teen & feel­ing ugly

look­ing at a uni­brow like the one I’d like to get rid of

when my mother says

Yes it’s sup­posed to be a bird See she did it on pur­pose See she didn’t care

what peo­ple thought of her only what they were made of which an­i­mals were in­side & why

Here she’s a stag in mid-leap

with nine ar­rows in her body alive bleed­ing

Her grief is con­stant & ir­repara­ble

Like the crown of fresh flow­ers she killed her­self each day

See the in­stinct for paint­ing is the in­stinct for power

Women don’t choose work over love but it’s not the same for men

See all men are in love with them­selves Like Diego & your fa­ther

& even an artist will leave his wife be­hind

but he can’t if she’s both if she runs harder hunter & sac­ri­fice

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