Death Die Dead

The Iowa Review - - MELISSA BARRETT -

To all the pro­tec­tors of chil­dren out there: why bother? Here’s a note I found on the floor of a sixth-grade classroom: ARE YOU A VER­SION. They can’t even spell. You know that Lord of the Flies book. Those kids killed Si­mon. He was the best char­ac­ter. So what if I would have done the same thing. So what if I used to yell I WISH YOU WERE DEAD to ev­ery­one I loved. Chil­dren are clumsy and dumb. They are the num­ber one cause of peanut al­ler­gies. Pro­tect them by bathing them in cas­tor oil. Don’t say that around them, your sis­ter says, pissed. Change the sub­ject. Okay, okay. But kids aren’t scared of death any­way. Be­cause they don’t care about any­one else alive. Maybe they should be the ones who have to deal with tragedy first­hand. Send them out with the golden re­triev­ers to com­fort vic­tims of school shoot­ings. Grow­ing up, I played a game with my sib­lings called Death Die Dead. Wield­ing plas­tic axes, we’d skate around the base­ment and fake mur­der each other. We were too safe in our cute­ness, we knew noth­ing about life. An­other ex­am­ple is Ma­con Dead. He was a real brat. He didn’t want to be­come a doc­tor be­cause he didn’t want the ini­tials MD, MD. The kid in me thinks there’s not a bet­ter rea­son than that.

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