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What is this ca­pac­ity for imag­in­ing utopia? I try to starve it out, ad­mir­ing this di­a­gram of a yel­low­jacket: ver­tex, ocelli, com­pound eye.

I was told there’d be a por­tal by now, in­side the fence, be­yond the pe­onies flood­ing the clipped grass with way­ward pe­tals, like after a storm, but I don’t re­mem­ber one.

Per­haps it took noth­ing at all, just that they had flow­ered past ca­pac­ity.

The here. The here of it, how to know if you’re fac­ing a door, what to wear, in spite of the weather.

From the thread, What’s your fa­vorite “Holy Shit” fact?:

Pablo Es­co­bar kept so much cash in ware­houses, he had to ac­count for some loss due to rats gnaw­ing the stacked bills.

Way­ward pe­tals / fence Like after / what is this ca­pac­ity?

That the largest air force in the world is the U.S. Air Force. That the sec­ond largest air force in the world is the U.S. Navy.

Earhart: The lure of fly­ing is the lure of beauty. Bur­ton: Many things hap­pen be­tween the cup and the lip.

That the clouds should choose to re­sem­ble Colum­bus’s famed fleet. That you should not look up at all.

From the gen­er­a­tor: Do this / This is it / The there / Stale­mate

When the old­est per­son on Earth was born, there was a com­pletely dif­fer­ent set of peo­ple on the planet.

Imag­ine slow­ing down the fire on a match tip— the strike / the flame

How things ac­quire their shapes, burst into view.

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